This is just one of the things that my mom did that solidified her standing as the best. 🌷
  1. My mom was a high school English teacher.
    At a different school than mine.
  2. When I was visiting her classroom once (during my high school years), I noticed that she had a piece of solid purple construction paper on her door.
  3. I asked her why- cause it seemed like... Odd and out of place.
  4. She told me that it was a "signal" to LGBTQ kids in the school. It signaled that anyone who wanted a safe place to talk could go to her and she would listen and keep them anonymous (if they so desired).
  5. She and 2 or 3 other teachers came up with the idea and advertised this (so to speak) in the student handbook.
  6. I'm so glad I had the chance to visit her that day, because otherwise it's probable that I'd never know this about her.
  7. She is the most accepting and loving person I know.
  8. Love you mama ❤️🌷