The credit is due to @nathanveshecco!!
  1. I was 17 and a half.
  2. I don't remember much about it, aside from...
  3. Tori Amos
  4. My first job- Champs Sports!
  5. Normal stuff, like babysitting.
  6. Obvious 90's icons- Friends, flannel, Doc Martens, Clueless, stuff like that.
  7. My boyfriend was a guy named James.. We broke up about 2 months into senior year (grad 1999). He was my first love. Like, I really loved him. And it ended "badly" (especially for a 17 year old).
    He was a huge dick about it, whatever. I have had reoccurring dreams about him ever since. Always the same dream, that he's like "hey, wanna just hang out and drive around?" And I'm like "yeah, totally" and we do and we're just friends and it feels good. But I've been able to basically stop caring about him in my real life completely, thankfully. Ugh, blah.
  8. Fun fact: at age 17, I'd already seen DMB live 3 times. The early shows were the best.
    At the end of my DMB concert experiences, the crowds were SO loud and SO drunk/high that concerts were no longer enjoyable. But I think I saw like 13 or 14 shows in total. The early shows (for me, like 95ish) were not packed concerts, Dave wore pajama pants on stage and they were just soooo chill and amazing. Like everyone there was a community. After "Crash" the concerts became more and more out of control. Glad I caught them at the start.
  9. And obviously, I was all-in for Dawson's Creek watch party every Wed night.
    I became so obsessed with this show that even when it got really bad (like the No Doubt concert episode) I watched. Till the bitter end I watched, and I cried like a baby during the finale
  10. Fun fact: I had already seen No Doubt in concert at First fucking Avenue in downtown Mpls.
    Gwen wore red leather pants and bright red lipstick and it was amazing. It was right before "Spiderweb" dropped as a single, so like- EARLY years. This was also around the time that I started smoking cigarettes. I remember that I smoked like 5 that night (you could still smoke inside places) and I felt sick.
  11. My dad drank a lot and yelled a lot and it caused a tear in our relationship starting from age like 12 till I was maybe 23. So I was in the throes of that.
  12. I hated school so bad I dropped out halfway through senior year. Didn't get my GED till age 26.
    Looking back, this was due to depression and severe anxiety. I didn't do anything about it except sort of implode and make really bad life choices. 🙌🏻 haaaay.
  13. When I look back and see myself---
  14. I love her.
  15. She's so goofy. And weird. And funny.
  16. She's also fun! She likes to laugh and be laughed at. She loves her friends like they are parts of her body. She wants to be good.
  17. She is also really hurt. And she feels slightly out of place every where she goes. Though she has many friends, she feels like they are always better friends with each other than with her.
  18. She's skinny, and awkward.
  19. She is about 2 years away from getting married. She's about 2.5 years away from having a baby girl. The clock is ticking on her "HER" time. Ugh, I wish she knew it.
  20. Fuck, you guys, this got sad.
  21. So that was my 1998.