I'll spare you the time it would take you (and me) to actually read (list) all of these movies.
  1. There are a few (read: million) situations in which I will cry at a movie, regardless of the actual context or intention.
    Most of the time my crying is appropriate, sometimes it's not. Eh. If I feel it coming on, I let it out. See how emotionally healthy I am? 😩😖
  2. Little kids feeling.
    Anytime a kid of any age is crying because they've lost their parent, or misses their parent, or misses their friends, or is sad in any way, I will cry. Because I instantly consider that my kids have felt sad and it breaks my heart. Pictured: The Secret Life of Bees. If you'd like to be devastated for a day or more, watch this! Yes, it's heartwarming, but in the worst possible way. But great acting by all. 💯
  3. Old people feeling.
    Old people sharing regrets, past emotional wounds, or experiencing anxiety or frustration or fear- ugh. Old people in love is the WORST trigger for me to cry in a movie. "He loved her so much"--- I can't, guys, I can't. Makes me instantly consider that my grandparents and parents have lifetimes worth of "stuff" they they're carrying around. Pictured: Shawshank Redemption. The old man trying to live in the world makes me feel so sad I get physically ill. I CAN'T.
  4. Love that not exist circumstantially.
    People falling in love and then being separated by distance, age, time, roots or any other circumstance is like- no. It's an injustice to the world and I can't deal. I am the only sucker who thinks Romeo and Juliet is totally heartbreaking and tragic (although I do recognize that it was also completely avoidable, love makes people crazy!). Also consider every rom-com ever created, and most dramas, and like 90% of movies in general. Pictured: Benjamin Button.
  5. An underdog pulling through.
    See: 98% of sports movies. Do I really need to explain this? No, you get it... Pictured: Remember the Titans.
  6. True stories of historical figures or situations.
    Anything that resembles an overcoming of injustice or heartbreak, or prejudice or strife- I'm there. I love history, especially American history, so I love seeing the drama play out on a big screen. People are just the same as always- I'll ALWAYS be willing to watch someone's struggle with life, ESPECIALLY if I know that the outcome had an impact on our American story. Pictured: Ali.
  7. And just for fun, the winner of pretty much all of these categories is... YOU GUESSED IT!
  8. Where kids are told bedtime stories before they drown..
  9. Old people hold hands in bed while they drown...
  10. True love is unable to survive the icy sea..
    Although she could've spared some fucking room on that door..
  11. Jack proved that underdogs are worth fighting for..
  12. Rose overcame her personal strife and died in her bed surrounded by pictures of family and love....
  13. And a tragic event was burned into history.
  14. In conclusion: when I watch movies I cry. The end.