1. Saturday night I got really sick.
    My dad has always called the stomach flu by the most endearing title "the urpa-derpas".
  2. So yeah, I had the urps.
  3. Yesterday I spent the day in a coma like state- only waking every few hours to notice the head ache that was banging in my brain.
  4. Today is a bit better, so far. Still headache, but body aches are gone.
  5. Anyway, I don't know what to do now.
  6. Should I eat?
    I'm not hungry, no real appetite, but not sicky feeling anymore?
  7. Should I sleep?
    How much more sleep can I get?
  8. I have Gilmore Girls on Netflix right now...
    Though I'm pretty sure it's the major contributing factor to my headache. Lots of fast talking 😖 but it's my current binge so it feels "not right" to watch something else until I've finished.
  9. I feel so weird and in between!!! I don't know what to do!!