He is the best. Born in 1939, raised in rural/suburban Iowa.
  1. Says if you eat your popcorn before the ACTUAL MOVIE starts (not previews), you're a "gobble-gut"
    Not even one piece of popcorn. You must wait.
  2. Thinks brightly painted houses are drug houses
    So they can be easily spotted by drug users
  3. Watches Seinfeld every night, and has since the very beginning of syndication
  4. Had a game with his sisters to see who could find the most spare change in a year
    This game lasted every year from probably his childhood until well into his 60's.
  5. Had a friend growing up named "little Booty Brown"
    I have no idea. When I was little I imagined he wore brown boots.
  6. Will order whatever he wants to eat at a restaurant, regardless of whether or not it's on the menu
    Normally a BLT ("what are they gonna say- they don't have the ingredients??") but also he likes to order a side of cottage cheese and a glass of milk.
  7. Calls the show "Cops" "cops cops"
  8. Made a map of Minneapolis and over the course of a year (maybe more) walked every street.
    Also became amused that he was finding spoons in the street. Started collecting said spoons until I explained wtf people did with them. I'm not joking.
  9. Told me that every limo we see is driving either Kirby Puckett or Prince
    I grew up in Minnesota in the 80's. He thinks it's still really funny.
  10. Gave me Lysol to wash my babies bottles during a visit
    When I objected, he replied "it's all the same!" 😳
  11. Likes to walk around a restaurant and actually look at everything on the walls
    Pictures, plaques, memorabilia, whatever.
  12. In 1996 before the Atlanta Olympics, McDonald's had a promotion where they were choosing winners for a contest to "carry a torch" across America. My dad carried it for approx half a mile in Minneapolis.
    And he has the newspaper clipping to prove it.