Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. This isn't a fun thing for me to do.
  2. I can't recall my "darkest" moment because when you live with an addict, there are several.
  3. Confusion, chaos, and desperation become normal.
  4. Accepting fault becomes normal too.
  5. Becoming annoyed with events that would otherwise be emotionally traumatic is something that happens slowly, over time.
    Trauma is normal too. You become numb to it.
  6. Isolation is key.
  7. Repression is key.
  8. Denial is also key.
  9. Because accepting loss of control can make you "check out".
  10. Total helplessness.
  11. I spent many darkest moments screaming for help. From anyone who could hear me. But it often sounded like small, quiet mentions. It's hard to admit what life is like when the problem isn't yours. And also when you feel defensive over a loved one. And you don't want people to judge you or them.
  12. It was agony at times.
  13. ............................
  14. But good news exists.
  15. I found mine in Alanon.
  16. Admittance is key.
  17. Learning the steps is key.
  18. The serenity prayer is key too.
  19. Letting go and letting God helps.
  20. Adhering to the do's and dont's creates breakthroughs.
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    Not always in the addict, but in yourself. Alanon is about you, not your qualifier.
  21. Continued...
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  22. If you live with an alcoholic or an addict, it's hard. Everyday life is up in the air at all times.
  23. I get it.
  24. Please do yourself and your family a favor.
  25. Learn the facts about alcoholism addiction.
  26. Google Alanon meetings in your area. Go. Learn. You'll be accepted I promise.
  27. Thanks for the prompt, @ListPrompts. And thanks for the space for me to share @list