Inspired by @ListPrompts. Also, I haven't been listing and I need motivation. This will be good for me. (Oh, and I cheated. Sorry..)
  1. Born in 1981 in MN to mom, dad and an older sister.
  2. Once in third grade I told my mom I was sick on the morning of a field trip and she didn't believe me and made me go; I ended up puking on the floor of the old science museum building in St Paul next to the TRex.
    This was a pivotal moment for me. I think of it often for some reason. In like a "trust your instincts" kind of way...
  3. In high school I developed severe anxiety and dropped out of school one semester before graduation.
    It started around the time I saw a man hanging in a tree one morning on the way to school. But I had all but run away from home at that point. But that's a whole OTHER list.
  4. I got married and had a baby at ages 19 & 20, and I was divorced at age 24, though I separated from 1st husband at age 22.
    High school boyfriends, man. 😑
  5. I worked in a lot of malls as an assistant manager of a chain store and liked it!
    I actually loved it. I met a lot of good people there and some of my best memories are from my mall days. I did this for like 10 years, starting in high school.
  6. At age 26 I finally got my GED.
    Huge weight lifted off my shoulders.
  7. I also got my first tattoo!
    No regrets. Well, not really. Maybe a little. 😖
  8. The drunkest I've ever been in my whole life was at my friend's bachelorette party where I had a lot of fun, but threw up for a solid day afterwards.
    Threw up in my lap while driving home the next afternoon on highway 94 going 60 mph. It was really bad. Like REALLY bad. Got home and stripped damn near naked in my car, threw away my clothes OUTSIDE (I may have still been drunk 😩[RIP black adidas pants, I still miss you!]) in the bin in the alley and walked into the house and went directly to bed. Next day had to clean up puke that had almost frozen in my car (it was November).
  9. I got married again at age 29, and moved to Texas and had 2 more babies.
  10. And now I'm a 34 yr old college student!
    And I'm supposed to be taking a final but instead I did this. So there. 🙃