Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Was supposed to be this past Monday
  2. ... Or Tuesday maybe?
    Due to MLK and online classes I'm not really sure.
  3. I missed it.
    Either way, I missed it.
  4. I'm an online student.
  5. And also I'm a procrastinator.
  6. So I didn't log in until maybe Thursday at some point?
  7. I didn't start any work until yesterday.
  8. Today I had to rush to get my math assignments submitted on time.
    Everything is always due on Sunday's at midnight, thankfully. I vow to not wait until Sunday night forevermore because today sucked.
  9. And tomorrow I'll have to rush to get my Spanish assignments submitted on time.
    Everything's always due on Mondays at midnight for Spanish. And I'll probably make the same vow to not procrastinate.
  10. But I'll break both vows within the month for sure. Because I just caaaaan't.
  11. I haven't ordered my books yet.
    For either class.
  12. My biology class doesn't start for another month or so.
    I think? Again, not sure. I'm basically the worst student ever.
  13. So, in short, my first day of school was a bust. Because I just didn't do it.
  14. I could recreate this list for all other first days of school..
    ... But sadly, it'd just be different variations of the same story. Even in high school I'd show up and essentially walk around all day. Or leave for lunch and not come back.
  15. First days of school are dumb.
  16. (⬆️ thoughts of a 34 yr old mediocre community college student 😖😑)
  17. I wanna be better!! Somebody, inspire me!!