Emphasis on the "my". Although I'm sure that many share my opinions and beliefs. I hate lumping myself into any category really, but I suppose I can admit that this title is accurate. Also, this got way longer than intended. If you make it to the end, I applaud you 👏🏻
  1. I'm a Christian.
    Or Christ- follower, which I prefer. In America, the term "Christian" can seem like a bad word sometimes. I believe that Jesus Christ is Gods only son. I believe in the creation of our world, and that humanity to be a work of God alone. I believe in the virgin birth, message, crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus.
  2. I believe in evolution.
    I've never heard of an explanation of evolution that directly contradicts the creation story from the Bible. In the series "The Atheism Tapes", Richard Dawkins says "maybe the point isn't HOW we got here, but WHY" (not a direct quote). I am a firm believer that science is just further explanation and example of Gods power.
  3. I am pro-choice.
    Until a baby is able to sustain life outside of the womb, it is a part of a woman's body and therefore, it's under her individual discretion to choose how to handle it. I can only offer grace and support to any woman faced with this situation. Also, read this: http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2012/06/03/biblical-abortion-christians-view-1/
  4. I don't think homosexuality is a sin.
    The fact that I even have to say this is insane. All of the biblical sayings about sexuality can be dwindled down to 2 verses (meaning that all subsequent teachings are founded on these 2, therefore they are the only ones that need examination..) I suppose they will need their own bullet points, so bear with me on this Sublist...
  5. Genesis, or, The Creation of Adam and Eve.
    In this story, God makes Adam and gives him a place to live. God says to himself "he needs a helper". God gives him animals and Adam says "naw- I need a different helper.." God then creates Eve. Now, I say- if Adam went through all of the companions that God provided and was unsatisfied with his "helper", why is it that society can determine what should satisfy us in our lives? Genesis 2:15-25.
  6. Leviticus 18
    No sex with your family members, related or not, or with your neighbor or his wife or another man. Don't cheat on your wife, basically. Also, don't let semen touch bedsheets, the ground, or your menstruating wife. This was written when 1) the Israelites were trying to repopulate, and 2) we didn't know anything about the spread of disease. Read Leviticus in its entirety and you won't see anything anti-gay. But you'll realize why if you had a rash you were not allowed inside the village.
  7. I am respectful of all religions.
    I would never judge or claim to understand anyone else's walk with the God of their understanding. We are all created, we are all loved. ALL. God presents himself in ways I couldn't begin to imagine. I know my own heart and no one else's.
  8. I don't think I'm "broken".
    This is a Christian favorite, to say we as humans are broken. I disagree. I don't think we "put one over on God" when we picked the fruit. Pretty sure that was the plan, folks. We can only understand God through our sin and subsequent forgiveness and redemption. We are NOT broken, we are human. And we are loved and forgiven. We can be hurt, we can heal. Mark Sandlin talks about this a bit here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thegodarticle/2015/01/christianity-has-it-wrong-you-are-not-broken/
  9. I support social programs like welfare.
    Feeding and helping the poor would be on a "greatest hits" album if Jesus had made one. If you need a biblical example, read Matthew 14:15-21. You'll see my favorite example in this when the disciples tell Jesus "send these people away; they can go eat elsewhere" (paraphrase), and Jesus responds "THEY DO NOT NEED TO GO AWAY. YOU GIVE THEM SOMETHING TO EAT." (Verse 16 NIV) And then Jesus fed 5000 people with almost nothing. Let's learn from this. Also, Matthew 25:35-40.
  10. I am open to new thoughts, arguments and any ideological conversation.
    I will never give up my faith, but talking to people who disagree with me is what I'm called to do. And not because I want to change anyone's mind either, but because I want other people to feel heard, understood and accepted. Matthew 5:46-47. Because I respect all religions, I also respect the absence of religion. Good is good no matter what.
  11. I've identified as an atheist, a Catholic, an agnostic in the past and I've been very hurt by what I thought was Christianity.
    I now realize that I was hurt not by God, but by people. People who perhaps had very good intentions. People who are misinformed, or hurt themselves. God had never left me, never hurt me. I'm able now to make the distinction. Matthew 6:9-13. Forgiveness is key. We often look at our past mistakes and think "ugh, if only I knew better!" Why can't we grant the same grace to others? I don't accept that my faith will stop growing so I also need to allow others to think and feel freely. Luke 6:37.
  12. My understanding of Jesus has truly shaped my life and views on society. Taking the step towards faith wasn't necessarily "easy", but it was easily the most rewarding and most liberating thing I've ever done. If religion, faith, or spirituality nags at you, I encourage you to explore it.