Bout to go see the last Hunger Games. Well, in 6 hours.
  1. I don't remember the last one.
    Already looked for it. Won't pay for it, so.... I'm sure it'll kick in when the new one starts..?
  2. Something about an ad campaign..? Singing?
  3. I've never been to a midnight movie before.
    Sounded fun. Adventurous! Like I'm young again!
  4. Can I stay up this late?
  5. Did the girl I'm going with read the book? If so- is she going to continually point that out?
    I didn't read any of them.
  6. Geez I'm tired.
  7. How much money will I spend on snacks? 🍿🍫
  8. I don't even have to leave until like 11:30. That's 2 hours past bedtime.
  9. Maybe a nap? Or will that ruin everything?
    Advice! Please!