Inspired by @katya
  1. Buys fancy organic soap
    My place: softsoap. Her place: the most amazing fucking soap you'll ever use.
  2. Does yoga regularly
    And her body rocks! And no kids! Gets good sleep! Drinks lots of water! Eats healthy!
  3. Listens to underground music
    And pop music and every kind of music that's so cool. She knows about bands and singers and I'm just blasting T-Swift over here. Gah, I'm so immature.
  4. Fashion
    She looks amazing all the time and I look like I'm playing dress-up.
  5. Good handwriting
    Omg you have no idea. I'd kill to write like her. (Calm down, just an expression..)
  6. Knows how to apply makeup
    Once again, her = amazing, and me = the time I got into my cousins make up kit when I was 5 and put eyeshadow and lipstick all over my whole face.
  7. Good credit score
    Fuck my Old Navy credit card that I had at age 20 that I maxed out on some ugly clothes that I hated and then never paid off.
  8. Likes yardwork
    You guys I'm not even making this up. What the fuck.
  9. Has a degree
    And uses it! Appropriately!