I'm torn between asking you to watch it so we can relate on some other level and asking you NOT to watch it because I want to save you. But who are we kidding, nobody is going to watch this movie and I honestly have no idea why I did.
  1. There are no reasons. I really should've given it a thumbs down.
  2. It was a terrible movie.
  3. Here are the basics:
  4. It's a Katherine Heigl movie 😩
  5. Katherine Heigl has a invasive family who is all "why don't you ever get married?"
    And then they're like "even though you're like 30 years old you've NEVER brought a boyfriend home and you have a single 30 yr old roommate!!" Solid cover if this were 1970 but really in 2016 nobody in her family suspected the roommate was her girlfriend?!
  6. So then she's like "well... Turns out I'm gay and I've been lying to you guys about dating for my whole life."
    It was a very odd coming out in my opinion. Poorly written. Had this movie been better written, honestly, I think the acting could have caught up because it's a decent and relevant plot line and the cast isn't terrible.
  7. Alexis Blendel plays her secret girlfriend/roommate.
    I like her. I wish that there was more chemistry between her and Katherine Heigl, but KH is fucking weird and awkward and looks super uncomfortable in the kissing scenes.
  8. Katherine Heigl's family is all "ugh, why didn't you tell us you are gay? Now we disown you.."
    Then they tell her that they won't disown her if she agrees to stay in the closet and not tell anyone else and never get married ever. The fuck?!
  9. And then there are a lot of music montages.
    Other stuff happens but, eh. 💁🏻
  10. And then they're all like "we actually love you and will come to your wedding."
    Yay? I think?
  11. I guess I enjoyed the sister's storyline, and I liked the actress who played her. Grace Gummer.
  12. I make a point to always rate the movies I watch.
    Seems like the right thing to do.
  13. There's no reason why I should've given this movie a thumbs up.
  14. But, whatever. I watched the whole thing through and laughed once so I guess it's a fair rating.