Short list: every reason
  1. Amy Poehler!!
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  2. It's very well written
    Imagination Land! Emotional outbursts! Core Memories! Broccoli Pizza! Dream Productions! Big Ideas! Train of Thought! Subconscious!
  3. It's smart
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    Introduces kids to abstract thought! Brilliant! Non-Objective Fragmentation pictured.
  4. It's funny
  5. It's sweet
  6. Mindy Kaling!!
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  7. It helps kids think about their emotions
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  8. It helps kids think about other people's emotions
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    Mom and Dad's emotions pictured. Notice that in the Mom's headquarters, Sadness seems to be in control? And Anger for the dad? And Joy for the kid? Gah- I love it. A little stereotypical, sure, but accurate. Also, the mom's daydream about the Brazilian dream boat "come fly with me!!" And my favorite, later in the movie the pre-teen boy after Riley says hello to him, his headquarters pure chaos "GIRL GIRL GIRL" 😂😂
  9. Bing Bong!
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    Who's the guy who likes to play? Bing Bong, Bing Bong!!