@sarahgorman (and all of the others that are participating)
  1. I'm terrible with names.
  2. I'm terrible with faces.
  3. I spend the entire season up until the final 6ish going "wait- who's that again?" EVERY SEASON
  4. Inevitably at least 6 times a season, I say "ugh, I really liked her.." Or "wait- I thought he liked her.." Or "wasn't she the one I liked last week?"
  5. I'm also more interested in who the next Bachelorette will be than the actual winner.
    The only time I actually really liked the winner was Catherine (I know, gag me). And then I was really disappointed that she wouldn't be able to be the next Bachelorette because that's just more important to me.
  6. But y'know what?
  7. I'm filled with optimism ladies...
  8. And even though I didn't recognize most of the women from the cast sheet, I remembered a few!!
  9. And I'm sad to say that we'll probably have to deal with Lace a few more weeks.
  10. So 🍾
  11. And 🍿
  12. And get ready...
  13. And good luck!!! 🌹