These are my favorite pictures from my insta. Hope you like them 😁
  1. I mean come on. Shorts and snow boots. Classic combo.
  2. My cat Sal in the dryer looking at me like I can't see him. He's a silly Sal-cat.
  3. My favorite T-shirt of all time and also my favorite musical group. I need to make a list for the Indigo Girls but I keep putting it off. ❤️
  4. Tree with fresh snow in MN. This is one of my favorite pictures of all time (that I've taken). Once you remove yourself from the shitty snowy climate, when you go back to visit you can appreciate the beauty. Well, for me anyways. I never thought snow was pretty until I didn't see it anymore.
  5. I just like this one. And I like Target. Even when I complain about my job, still in the back of my mind I'm like "I really like it there".
  6. If this doesn't make you smile even a little bit you are a monster. Bald baby in a Boston terrier t-shirt. Ugh, alliteration is 💯
  7. My parents house on google maps. Omg I love this place. ❤️😍
  8. Two boys on a cruise!
  9. This picture marks the exact moment I realized that my daughter was entering the teenaged realm. 13, precisely. Ugh I just love her to pieces.
  10. And my favorite....
  11. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!! Greek drama may not be my thing, but this line.... Yes.