Aka "the list that will reveal my inner excuse ridden self".... 🙄
  1. I went shopping for your stuff on December 8th.
    I considered this a win! Because I'm a day early! And also, I took pictures of all the places I bought your stuff but then I didn't print them out because the CVS by my house has a broken Kodak machine. I'm sorry. But the stuff is still good!
  2. I went to the UPS store on the 9th.
    Super win! I'm actually mailing something on time!! Except, no, they told me it would be about $125 to mail internationally. They told me to go to the post office. Fuck.
  3. I went to the post office on Monday.
    Which I told myself is only a few days late so it's fine. But the line was ridiculous and after about 10 mins, I failed you again by getting out of it. I had a kid with me and couldn't deal. There's no excuse for my lateness.
    I told myself "Maggie- get up and fucking go NOW." And I did!
  5. And I waited in line.
  6. And I put a note in your box that apologized and I dated it the 15th cause I honestly thought it was the 15th. (But it's actually the 17th so triple fuck me)
  7. And I filled out the international paperwork thing.
    I told the guy what was in the box and he told me to write it down, so I did. (Actually, I left one thing out cause I felt spiteful to the postal worker for some reason.) He triple checked that I wasn't withholding information and I think I convinced him.
  8. Then he took the list of things that I wrote down and PASTED IT TO THE FRONT OF THE BOX.
    So, cool, I'm super glad he did that 🙄😒😖
  9. I hope you get this gift.
  10. I think you'll love it. And I want you to have a great holiday! I'm sure you won't get it in time for Christmas, or New Years, but maybe you'll get it after that! And maybe you'll love it!
  11. Wanna see the pictures?
    I went shopping in our "old town" district which consists of houses turned into shops and fancy street lights everywhere. It's very twinkly there, especially in the winter time. Also, they have speakers that play Christmas music on the streets throughout the shopping area (which is like 5-6 square blocks around). It's a nice place to go!
  12. I love this place. All kinds of "nifty-gifties"
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  13. Everything is handmade by the people that own it. Organic, lovely, home-made soap and bath stuff. And all the duckies you could ever want. Literally, duckies for days (although I think those come from Japan 😁)
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  14. I have mixed feelings about this place. But as a person who lives in Texas should, I sent you something that said Texas on it. Although I kind of hate this state, it's a thing that we do here and you sort of can't escape it.
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  15. Apparently, I forgot to take a picture of the last place I went, which is a little art studio where a mother and daughter duo make stuff. Paintings, pottery, jewelry... I found your necklace there. It's very simple and casual and lovely. I had them imprint an "A" on it for you. I hope you like it!
  16. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! ❤️🎄✨