The short list is "everything".
  1. School
    I've got soooo much homework to do. So much. Specifically, biology. Yuck.
  2. Ted Cruz potentially becoming president
    I mean, Texas is already kind of a laughingstock and since living here I've become oddly defensive of it. Not to mention the plethora of political disagreements I have with him.
  3. Not being able to List on vacation
    That's gonna suuuuuuuck 🙁
  4. Cleaning
    I'm about to go on a cruise and my parents are coming to watch my kids. My house is a nightmare right now and if I don't at least pre-clean, my parents will reorganize and it'll stress me out.
  5. My "Great Sin Debate"
    In which I argue with myself over various spiritual ideologies, normally settling on the idea that since sin is uniquely human, and also the basis of our need for humanity, it can't possibly be unintended and pure evil. Obviously, it can result in awful destruction and disparity, but it's also can result in forgiveness which is the core message of Christianity. We are forgiven which could not happen w/o sin. Right? 😖 I'm fried.
  6. Lunch
    I need someone to basically shove food in my face today. I haven't eaten in like 3 days, really because I'm a mess of biology and Halloween prep and folding laundry and vacation prep. And I have to work tonight! Damn I forgot about that. Ugh.
  7. Anxiety in itself
    Is this normal? I seriously can't stop thinking.