I wanted to write this list a million ways. I guess this seems okay.
  1. On December 2 it was up in the attic waiting for me. Finally, around 3pm it felt me grab it and bring it down..
  2. It got put together. It saw my kids faces light up. It saw me sneezing and coughing because I had a cold.
  3. It saw my husband come home.
  4. It witnessed a huge fight.
  5. On December 3, it saw me pack up my stuff and my kids clothes and leave.
  6. It saw me take my cat in the kennel.
  7. It saw the kids come back for a couple days to visit their dad. It witnessed another big fight.
    Like, big.
  8. It saw my kids leave. Again.
  9. It saw me come in and out a few times to quickly grab things I'd forgotten.
  10. On December 20, it saw my in laws come and talk to my husband. It saw him pack a small bag and leave.
  11. On its favorite day of the year, it sat unlit. In an empty home.
  12. On January 3, exactly one month after it saw me leave, it saw me return with my husband. It witnessed a long talk. It witnessed him comfort me. It watched us both leave again.
  13. Today, it saw my kids come back with me. It saw their excitement to see it again.
  14. It heard me tell my kids we were taking it down.
  15. They cried.
  16. (I'm sure it cried too. It had missed its purpose this winter..)
  17. I wish I could keep it up longer.
  18. Because it won't witness my kids and I moving back in this weekend.
  19. It won't see my husband move home in just over a week.
  20. But I think next year will be better... 🎄