Inspired by @DG
  1. —Daughter—
  2. Biggs
    "Hey Biggs, time to get up!!"
  3. Chick a dee
    "What's up chick a Dee?"
  4. Girly
    "Hey girly, how was school?"
  5. Teenager
    "Teenager- stop being emotional!" (Okay, I actually probably say this the most- aaaand she probably hates it the most..)
  6. Lady
    "That's my lady!!"
  7. —Sons—
    Both names go for both boys, except the first two.
  8. Lloydie-boy
    "Hey Lloydie-boy, eat your food!"
  9. Winston-boy
    "Winston-boy, knock it off!"
  10. Two boys
    "Two boys! Shower! Now!"
  11. Brothers
    "Brothers gotta hug..!"
  12. Chicken butt
    "Chicken butts, both of you!"
  13. Picachus
    "Where's my tiny Picachus?"
  14. Pookie bear
    "Hey Pookie bear, come snuggle.."
  15. .... Actually this could go on for awhile.