I have small children who are light sleepers
  1. Eat
    Not much, but like, just opening the fridge seems to be too loud when everyone here has been asleep for hours
  2. Watch something
    There's NO WAY I'm turning on the tv when I know damn well my husband turned it off at volume 25
  3. Anything having to do with a plastic bag
    I bought some toiletries at work tonight and basically had to smuggle them inside the house to make sure that the toddlers wouldn't hear the crackling of the bag. Also, if the cat gets a hold of a plastic bag in the middle of the night- we're doomed
  4. My nightly routine in a normal fashion
    This is important. Turning water on full blast, or leaving it on for too long will ensure one of my kids to come into the bathroom to see what's going on.