At a big box retail store.... Fine, its Target
  1. Food
    Almost all of my work conversations begin with "when are you taking your lunch? What are you eating?" And seriously, I want to know. Should I go out for lunch? Should I be responsible and buy a lean cuisine? Maybe a Starbucks? Or a disgusting pizza from Food Ave? Ugh. The possibilities are endless.
  2. What other people are doing
    Again, the possibilities are endless. I think mostly about what my co-workers are up to and if they are getting more or less work done than me because I don't want to either under or over perform. Retail is a tricky world. Aside from that I think about what my kids are doing and how I miss them but am glad I don't have to break up toddler fights for awhile.
  3. How terrible people are
    To those who think it's okay to eat half of an apple and then leave it on a shelf to rot, or those who think changing a baby's diaper in a toy aisle (and then leaving said diaper for someone else) is okay, you are terrible people and please start doing all of your shopping online.
  4. Whether or not I'll run into anyone I know
    And if so, will they overhear me swearing on the sales floor?
  5. How long after closing time will I have to stay here?? 😩
  6. What I'm going to buy when I either have the money or remember I want it
    Mostly I just tell people "I'm gonna buy this" and then it makes me feel like I bought it so I don't really ever have to.