1. Ran the washer but forgot to load it with clothes
  2. Taken out my contacts and then put them back in again immediately, forcing me to take them out again
  3. Ran the coffee pot with no coffee
    Similarly, I've filled a baby bottle with water and heated it up with no formula.
  4. Mistaken my sunglasses for my real glasses and had an entire phone conversation (approx 3-5 mins) with my eyes closed and didn't notice until I hung up the phone and took them off
  5. Scooped a cup of cat food out of the bag and thrown it directly in the trash
  6. Put my hands under a public faucet and expected the water to turn on; moved to a different faucet and waited there before realizing that I had to actually TURN THE WATER ON
    Also in this category, I stopped at a stop sign and waited for the "light to turn green" for a solid 3 mins. Got annoyed, threatened to drive through the light and realized it was a stop sign.
  7. Ordered hot dogs at a McDonald's drive through and became pretty irritated when I was told that McDonald's doesn't serve hot dogs. Only after a brief but confusing conversation did I realize that I meant "hamburgers".
  8. Tried to unlock my front door with my car keyless entry