I was without internet for 6 days last week, and I lived to tell about it. Now that I look at this list I complied throughout the week, I'm not interested in any of it, but I promised myself I would publish all my drafts. So here it is.
  1. How to play shuffleboard
  2. Does Guy Fieri actually cruise?
    On account of his chain of burger joints on the ship.
  3. How high up do high divers dive from?
  4. Does fresh air help sea sickness?
    Also: how does Dramamine work?
  5. What's the average household income in Progreso, Mexico?
  6. "You should be here" banner: what does it mean?
    Also: "worldventures.com"
  7. How much do cruise directors make?
  8. The order of ranks on a ship
    Captain, then what? Also, who exactly runs a cruise ship? The captain? Or the Cruise director? Are bartenders considered "stewards"?
  9. How much do people spend onboard a cruise?