Inspired by @AlexandraLouise
  1. Politically conservative
    I don't really want to say anymore for fear that someone will be like "nooooo" and then it'll be a thing.
  2. Curly haired
    My hair is like , annoyingly wavy and frizzy. I treat it like it's curly, but it's not.
  3. Super neat and tidy
    I'm clean, and I clean things in a pretty regular rotation. But on any given day, I have laundry all over (clean, folded and hung, but still), dirty dishes waiting to be cleaned (I only do this once a day mostly), toys on the floor and mail laying out. I'm cluttered.
  4. On time
    It's not my fault.
  5. Flat stomached
    I have 3 kids, I don't like working out and I've stopped caring. I'm not overweight really, but my tummy won't go back in. I don't blame it.
  6. A morning person
    Fuck that. 💤👦🏼👱🏻👀😩 I can't wait till my kids are teenagers and they sleep all day (one down, 2 to go..)
  7. Uninterested in candy
    Give me a fucking break. And hand me that candy. 🍫🍬
  8. A hater
    I'm so much of a liberal, I actually want conservatives to feel good about their belief systems. Do you, all day.. Living in TX (with a left leaning ideology) has taught me a great deal about acceptance. And humanity. And what it's like to be alienated. All things have made me a better person. (And a better democrat.) What can I say? My heart fucking bleeds.