1. A conversation at work I overheard about a woman's choices and/or lifestyle that made me almost foam at the mouth in rage.
    Long story short: she (with her small child in tote) stole some plan B contraceptives, a pregnancy test and some condoms. Some co-workers then called her "mother of the year" and just made general snide comments behind her back. Finally I ended the conversation with "So do you guys honestly think she's in a place in her life where she needs to be put down farther than where she may already feel?! And also, shouldn't we be GLAD that she's taking action??" I WOULD RATHER...
  2. My laundry is overwhelming.
    Family of 5, one teenaged girl and two messy toddler boys. With the pool we set up in the backyard, the constant stream of wet towels that I find on the patio, on the kitchen floor, on the bathroom floor, in the bathtub (🙄), or laying on beds is insane. I mean I'm doing like 3 loads of towels per day. Nobody cares but me. I'm seriously going to start blow-drying myself after showers in protest of using up ANY. MORE. TOWELS.
  3. Cooking for my family.
    I mean, again, it's constant. 2 toddler boys and one teenager. Always. Begging. To be fed. And the teenager is a vegetarian, which I'm not complaining about necessarily (I mean she's stuck with it for a long time so I'm proud of her actually), but it requires cooking more than just one main dish almost every meal. I'm ready to start setting up slop troughs in the kitchen. I'm over it.
  4. The senate vote today.
    GIVE ME A MOTHER FUCKING BREAK SERIOUSLY. I just can't even go into detail for fear that I'll literally never stop typing. I HATE ALL OF IT SO BAD.
  5. My sleep schedule/pure exhaustion.
    I work nights which means that I don't get home from work until between 12-1 am most nights, sometimes later. Then I have to have a "winding down" period, so I haven't been going to sleep until sometimes like 2-3 am. Doesn't sound terrible, except when you factor in my children begging to be fed at 6:30. 😩😖😩
  6. The Father's Day cards that I've been meaning to send out for 3 weeks now.
    I can't even look at the place where they are sitting. I hate myself.