I'm so tired.
  1. Woke up at 6:35, because kids
  2. Settled a disagreement about who would eat cereal with the red bowl
    Verdict: nobody, because they were both screaming
  3. Settled disagreement about who would wear the pumpkin shirt
    Verdict: the 3 yr old because it's actually his shirt. More screaming/crying.
  4. Settled disagreement about who would sit in each car seat
    Verdict: whatever the fuck seat I put them in. More crying, but no screaming. So that was good.
  5. Got McDonald's coffee
    No creamer at home, couldn't wait till after grocery shop
  6. Dropped off older kid at preschool
  7. Was shown the snack sign up sheet for the Halloween party next week
    And there was only one empty spot left so I couldn't leave it blank. Fuck. Fruit tray (possibly most expensive item; punishment for being the last parent to drop off this morning).
  8. Went to the grocery store
    Only got about a half-shop in before 3yr old was "getting loud" so we left. Didn't do any meat/frozen shopping as a result. Dammit.
  9. Unpacked groceries
    Empty bags still on the kitchen floor. Seems like an "afternoon" type job.
  10. Checked List App.
  11. Had a brief staring contest with my cat
    He won, obviously