This is my Trevor story. @erikaaa @emilyannlosey
  1. I met Trevor when I was 22ish. We both worked at the same mall. He worked at the sister store to mine, so we never really worked together, but had the same general work friends so we knew each other.
  2. There was a bar across the street from the mall and normally after work a group of us would go out and have drinks.
  3. On a few occasions, he and I were the last ones standing.
  4. One night we had a particularly heartfelt talk and he told me about his dad's death.
    It had just happened a year before, so still pretty fresh.
  5. When we were leaving that night, he asked, "would you like to go on a date with me?" Surprised and excited, I accepted.
    He is, to this date, the one and only guy to ever ask me on a date. Officially. Every other guy is like "let's hang out" and then they just wanna sit and make out or drink or both and that's super lame.
  6. Before I accepted I should point out that I said "a real date?!" which is a cringe moment for me forevermore.
  7. We went out!
  8. We had so much fun!
  9. He didn't even kiss me but he held my hand and opened doors and hugged me romantic-like!
    I fucking melted.
  10. And so we started dating!!
  11. And kissing!
  12. It was amazing. I really liked him.
  13. My friends weren't super thrilled by him.
    There was a Halloween party at some point and he said something weird, I can't really remember. He also made a comment once about a friends engagement ring that was offensive. He was kind of brash and aggressive at times, because his sense of humor was just loud and sarcastic. I dunno, that's the best I can do.
  14. I liked his friends okay.
    His roommate was this middle aged awesome guy who was friends with his brother or something? Can't remember. I should point out that Trevor was like 26. So, older than me but not a big deal.
  15. After about 6 months, things with us started to get serious. I loved him, or I thought I did, and he had never met my daughter (who was 2 at the time). I started asking if he wanted to and he always said he did but something always came up.
  16. A few months of that and then he started to detach. It didn't take me long to see what was happening.
  17. We broke up.
  18. It sucked. I cried a lot.
  19. After a few months, he texted me.
    Guys, this was in the very beginning of my texting days. Like 2004/5ish? I thought it was amazing and sweet that he would text me because literally nobody else I knew ever texted anyone. I'd tell my friends that we would text sometimes and they were all like "ugh, he can't even CALL YOU??" Super funny to think about now.
  20. We went out for drinks, as friends. We both said we missed the friendship that we'd shared.
    And I totally did, but I knew what the fuck was going on... 😌
  21. We had so much fun!
  22. We laughed all night!!
  23. We hooked up!
  24. We fell back into it.
  25. Repeat above steps. Get serious, start to feel like I'm in love, ask about my daughter, he detached, we broke up again.
  26. It sucked more, I cried more.
  27. A month or so goes by and he called me late at night. He was drunk. He was downtown, I lived close to downtown. He took a cab to my place. He said he missed me and I was so fucking sad I believed him.
  28. We hooked up, we fell back into it.
  29. Repeat steps again.
  30. During that round, I had the best Valentine's Day of my life to date.
    He was super sweet all the time and really, we did have a lot in common. We could sit in silence and feel good, or talk or whatever. We were always on the same wavelength.
  31. My friends all hated him at this point. But they accepted him whenever he came around. He wasn't super fond of them either.
    Ladies, if you ever find yourself in this situation, GET THE FUCK OUT OF IT. 💯
  32. The next time we didn't even wait a month before hooking back up again after breaking up. It was like 2 weeks.
  33. The last time, it felt different.
  34. We were really connected all the time.
  35. He said he was scared to meet my daughter, but he "cared deeply for me" (fuck you Trevor) so he wanted to.
  36. The sex was amazing.
  37. We fell into the most normal routine I had ever been in.
  38. One night I went over to his place after work and we broke up for the last time.
  39. I could tell immediately when he greeted me that it was over.
  40. During the break up, we both cried.
  41. He walked me to my car and he told me he was going to delete my number because he knew he couldn't help himself and we couldn't keep going through this. It had been almost 2 years at this point.
  42. It was raining.
  43. I started to shut my car door and he grabbed it.
  44. He said "Maggie, you know I love you, God I love you so much.."
    FUCK YOU TREVOR. I waited 2 years to hear you say that. 🖕🏻
  45. Stunned, I said "you have no idea...."
  46. I drove home.
  47. I cried.
  48. After about a year, I deleted his number too.
  49. About a year after that I saw him randomly.
    I was at work.
  50. He told me that he had a girlfriend. And he lived with her.
  51. And he said "aren't you proud of me? I'm working through my commitment issues!!"
  52. I went in the back room and cried and shook uncontrollably.
  53. And then I was "fuck off forever" and I got over it.
  54. That was the last time I ever saw him. It was like 2007ish.
  55. Around 2009 I finally created a Facebook page.
  56. He was one of the first people I looked up.
    His page was public. Idiot.
  57. He was still living with his girlfriend.
  58. They had a cat together.
  59. They got married a few years later.
    Page still public.
  60. They had a baby maybe 2 years ago?
  61. And that's when I finally stopped looking.
    Good for you, Trevor.
  62. THE END
  63. If you made it this far, I love you for life. 💋