1. Guys, I've been off of Facebook for months now.
  2. And I honestly DON'T miss it.
    I'm starting to be grateful that I have respite from social media. I don't do Twitter or snapchat or whatever else people do. I only have Instagram where I see my friends kids (and a few old bachelor/bachelorette contestants, fine), and @list.
  3. In years past, social media has given me so much stress during elections.
  4. I used to be pretty loud, or just open with my political leanings. And what candidate I endorse, but this has changed.
    My leanings are the same, none of my political opinions have changed, but I find complaining about rival candidates so annoying.... It just makes us seem petty. It's not worthwhile, it's not productive.
  5. But for some reason this election season, I'm still annoyed by politics.
  6. Like I can't escape it.
    There are not too many rants that annoy me here, or if something is titled something that leads me to believe it's not productive, I just don't read it.
  7. To be clear, I get equally annoyed by both parties complaining about each other.
  8. I just want this fucking election to be over.
  9. I know who I'm voting for.
    And I'm fairly well educated on the issues. But I firmly believe that each person should do this on their own accord, not by someone else telling them really anything about it.
  10. And if there are voters who are really, TRUELY, undecided- almost NONE of the information found online is helpful to them. It's just regurgitated opinions spoken in a few different combinations.
  11. I'm also tired of all of the ridiculous threats/ultimatums being made.
    Nobody is going to fucking move to Canada, get over yourself. STFU and just cast your fucking vote and cross your fucking fingers.
  12. Alright, I think that's it. ✌🏻️