Inspired by @13spencer
  1. At work
    I was stocking the Tylenol PM and thinking about how relaxed I would be if I took some... Next thing I know a coworker was saying my name repeatedly. He told me never to to participate in any medical testing that could include a placebo.
  2. Driving
    Not a good look guys. Don't do this. Luckily all was okay.
  3. Getting a haircut
    Almost every time of my adult life. It annoys the stylist to no end because my head keeps bobbing. But it's not my fault! It's just so relaxing.
  4. At the dentist
    Yep. I don't mind the dentist (in fact, I LIKE getting my teeth cleaned). Also, anytime I'm laying down for more than a few mins I'm bound to fall asleep. This has happened on several occasions.
  5. During childbirth
    Multiple times. In between contractions if I was sitting. It was the middle of the night.
  6. While pumping breastmilk
    I actually had one of those pumping bras attached to me. Double pump. Not to mention the numerous times I've fallen asleep while nursing all 3 of my kids. It happened a lot.
  7. At the movie theater
    Many times, but the first notable time was when I saw Braveheart in the theater. I was in high school and it was late, like the movie started at like 10:30. And it's so loooong guys. Every time I've ever told someone that they're all like "you fell asleep during BRAVEHEART?!" and I don't understand why. It's a long ass movie.
  8. At an Oscars watching party
    2004? 2005? Something like that. I ended up sitting on the comfy couch with a blanket draped over the armrest so it's technically not my fault.