We call them Guests, but sometimes they act more like "customers".... Requested by @celeste
  1. The Couponing Kind
    Please understand me: if you have a few coupons, you're fine. If you're trying to get $200 worth of stuff for $5, you're most likely going to get ridiculed when you walk away. It's a nightmare. This is, by far, the one kind of person that every retail worker hates. You take up too much time, you're probably going to try and return the stuff you got for free for money and also, you're smug, which is like, the worst.
  2. The Online Shopping Kind
    Listen, I applaud your efforts of trying to see what Target sells before you come into the store. However, please pay attention to the print that says either "sold online and in stores" or "sold online only". And then, when you find out that the item you want is only sold online, don't take it out on the person you're talking to. I promise we don't make the website, nor do we choose what gets sold online or in stores.
  3. The Skateboarding Kind
    I get that we sell skateboards, but it's not an invitation for you to ride them around the store. Like we sell basketballs, but you shouldn't bounce them all over the store. If you do that stuff, STOP. And if your kids do that stuff, TELL THEM TO STOP. It's annoying. Somebody wants to buy that stuff and they don't want you using it first. (Not to mention it's a huge safety liability..)
  4. The Wal-Mart Kind
    I promise you, if you find something at Wal-Mart for a cheaper price, just please buy it there. If you try and threaten us with "I'll just go to Wal-Mart", we actually want you to do so. We don't care.
  5. The "I wasn't adding up the total" Kind
    Like, if there's a few things in your cart that got away from you and you have to dump them at the register, whatever. But if you have a full cart of stuff and end up only buying 2-3 items, it's a huge headache. We will talk badly about you when you leave.
  6. The Rude Kind
    If you leave your Starbucks cups on the shelves, if you leave empty chip bags in the shelves, if you let your kids destroy an entire aisle of toys, if you unfold every shirt on the table, if you try on shoes and leave them on the ground, if you ignore us when we ask of you need help, or if you shout at us from across the store, STOP. Be a decent person instead. Throw your trash away, be polite, and at least attempt to fix what you mess up.
  7. And This Kind...
    When the item that you're buying doesn't have a barcode or the tag fell off, DONT SAY ANY VARIATION OF THE FOLLOWING: "Well, I guess it's free!!" BECAUSE ITS NOT FREE AND THAT ISNT CLEVER OR ORIGINAL OR FUNNY OR CUTE. It's an annoying thing to say. Every cashier in America (and probably also internationally) has heard that over a billion times and we hate it. KNOCK IT OFF.