Best Life Decisions So Far

Often, we make mistakes, but sometimes we luck out.
  1. Invested in orthotics. 👟
    My Chucks went from my most uncomfortable shoes in my 20s to Tempur for my feet in my 30s.
  2. Got an electric toothbrush.
    A thing that is actually better than sliced bread.
  3. Travelled and lived alone at 15. ✈️🇬🇧
    Technically, my parents decided this for me. I spent a month with a host family in the UK. I didn't want to go. It was summer, I wanted to hang with my friends, and there was this girl. But they sent me away and I don't think I'd have whatever confidence and sense of independence I have now if I wasn't made to go. Thanks mom and dad! 💙
  4. Saw a therapist.
    I was in my 20s and feeling very unmoored. I felt I was looking down into an abyss that could very well swallow me whole. It was good to know that feeling that way was perfectly okay. Mental health, people!
  5. Bought a bicycle. 🚲
    I can go on and on about how riding a bicycle is a perfect analogy for living a complete, conscientious life. And annoy all my friends in the process. But it's how I stay sane.
  6. The close friends I've made.
    I'm the lucky one.