Guilty Pleasures

  1. Telling people that they shouldn't feel guilty about what gives them pleasure.
  2. Virtual tours of celebrity homes.
    Slide show galleries please, thumbnails preferred.
  3. Lapping up every news item on the Royal Family.
    What is the Queen of Sweden up to.
  4. Human interest stories.
    As opposed to hard core factual journalism that follows the paper trial.
  5. Modern Family.
    It's comfortingly benign. Especially with those end-of-episode voice overs.
  6. Frito Lay's French onion dip.
    So bad. So good.
  7. Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist.
    Used to feel like I've surrendered and let an algorithm pick my music for me. But now that I've been getting good shit, I feel my tastes have been affirmed.
  8. Which sort of lead to "Lost Stars" and "Sugar" by Adam Levine / Maroon 5.
    Sweet, sweet songs.