I've Won the Lottery 💰💰💰

Feels timely to finally publish this list now. I've hypothetically won the lottery but I can only spend the money on myself. Here's how I'd do it. (If you're suggesting, be as materialistic as you need to be. This is a no-judgement list.)
  1. Custom footwear.
    From sneakers to animal skin shoes, I want all my shoes to feel like Tempur for my feet.
  2. Buy a Land Rover Defender.
    I won't really go fording, or cutting a path through the jungle. I just really want one.
  3. Personal trainer/chef
    I just want to live long enough to enjoy the money.
  4. Custom bicycle.
    I'm just really a bike nerd.
  5. Travel everywhere.
    No brainier. I'll learn as much as I can about this world we live in. I'm not really that superficial. Haha.