Largely based on what I see on TV, in movies.
  1. Soldier
    I don't want to get my body parts blown off, charge into crowded mud huts full of insurgents, or drive through a city full of hostile citizens. So to actual soldiers, like my granddad, thank you for your service!
  2. Explorer
    I am afraid of heights and won't be able to climb tall shit. I am afraid of small, dark spaces, so caves will kill me. I don't want to be eaten by crocodiles or piranhas or anacondas while in the Amazon. I am not very good with machetes.
  3. Astronaut
    I love Star Trek, but I will not be strapped to a can attached to exploding shit built by the lowest bidder. Also, even if I make it to space, what if I go on a space walk, and the cord gets cut? What if I get left behind on a planet. Have you all not seen The Martian? I would not be able to science the shit out of that predicament.
  4. FBI Agent
    I cannot run into dark alleyways, derelict apartment buildings, spooky rural homes. While in a suit, and in general, out of lack of fitness, discomfort and outright fear.
  5. Infectious Disease Researchers
    Messing with deadly infectious diseases! What if the suit tears! Or, you drop a sample and the room goes on lock down and you get trapped inside & they burn it! Thank you for what you do but, no thank you!
    Suggested by @TheNoshery