Me time cannot be overrated.
  1. Eat ice cream and/or a cake.
    No judgement, and better yet, no sharing.
  2. Lunch.
    I don't have to talk to anyone. I can catch up on my podcasts... order for two.
  3. Go on a bike ride.
    I can go at my own pace, have a conversation with myself.
  4. Watch a movie.
    I won't miss the trailers because I had to wait for others, and I get to sit exactly where I want to sit (center, six rows from screen).
  5. Visit a new city.
    I'm on my own time, doing my own thing, I can do stuff I want to do: check out the architecture, eat street food, take a bike tour.
  6. Watch a gig.
    First, I can really say I'm here for just the music. But really, I get to stand by the back, where it's less crowded, and be closer to the fire exit.