Things I Still Think I'm Going to Get to Do.

  1. One more photo exhibit.
    I've been lucky to have had the opportunity to show my work when I was in my twenties. Soon after that, I felt I had to earn a living and started doing commercial photography work. That's been satisfying on a certain level, but I miss taking pictures for the sheer joy and curiosity of it.
  2. Write that damn screenplay. And shoot it.
    I took up film classes, and I wrote and shot my little, personal short film. A lot of my good friends are film people, having written and directed their films. And while I'm content to enjoy the moving, excellent, and beautiful films of friends, I think I have it in me to make my own.
  3. Build my dream house.
    The one that's not huge or extravagant. I just want clean lines, and big windows. A basement for my man cave (cliche but true). But mainly I want it designed around a big dinner table, so I can sit and eat with all my friends. (Also, huge, airy bathrooms.)
  4. Bike tour across the U.S.
    Sometimes Americans forget that the country they live in is a stunner, and that a great way to take it all in is to ride across it at a bicycle's pace.
  5. Do that with my dad.
    He got me intro riding bikes, and neither of us are getting younger. Truth be told, I'd be happy to roll around the local bike routes if our lives could make it happen.
  6. Be Internet famous.