For the record, I'm 36, but I feel like I'm going on 50.
  1. Reading non-fiction.
    Athlete bios? Pop science? The book they based Black Hawk Down on, entitled Black Hawk Down? Perfect.
  2. Listening to singles, instead of albums.
    Who has got the time to listen to an artist's body of work so as to put into context that one song you just really like.
  3. Saving zip loc bags.
    Handy for meds, toiletries in transit, keeping your money and phone dry while biking in the rain.
  4. Watching documentaries from the Internet.
    Chef's Table - I want Francis Mallmann in my life as a friend.
  5. Checking my insurance riders.
    Do they cover visits to the ER.
  6. Checking my blood pressure via my very own blood pressure measuring gadget.
    Hypertension is a silent killer. - Doctor quoting something somebody said.
  7. Stopped buying useless vintage cameras.
    Film is dead, and these things only work as flimsy book ends.
  8. Stopped buying t-shirts from
    Trying to wear collared shirts more often.
  9. Wistfully wanting indoor plants.
    They look so good, and I will make time to nurture them.
  10. Thinking of moving to CA instead of NY.
    I can do two weeks in NY. Tops.
  11. Thinking of moving to Canada.