Times I've Laughed at Someone Getting Hurt

Nobody's trying to be mean! Laughing with you, not at you! (Inspired by @TheNoshery)
  1. When a friend fell off a bridge while mountain biking. 🚵🏼
    I was first. I cleared the (low and short) bridge, rounded the corner, stopped to listen for my buddy to clear the bridge. Silence. I backtracked and found his bike lying on the bridge, my guy nowhere to be found. I called out his name, his head popped out of a ditch (shallow one), calling back at me. I LOLed and told him to hold still for an Instagram.
  2. When I shot a friend in the face with a BB gun. Accidentally. 🔫
    Was totally lighting it up at a town fair's shooting gallery. My friend stepped back so I wouldn't accidentally shoot her (we're notoriously accident prone together). As she did that, a BB bullet ricocheted off a plastic duck and I heard her yelp. It missed her eye by less than an inch. I laughed then, I laughed after as I told all our friends that story. I hope she never joins List App and sees this.
  3. When I survived a ninja kitten attack 😽
    Was biking at night when a kitten suddenly crossed my path, taking out my front wheel from under me, and sent me sprawling on the pavement. Was still lying on the ground, in pain, calling a friend for help, when I started laughing as I explained how I had crashed. The kitten was nowhere to be found and is presumed alive.
  4. When friend's grandfather died. 👴🏼
    He got the call while a few of us were hanging out in the backyard. Somebody had just made a joke, my friend, who just got off the phone, exclaimed "My grandfather just died." And I let out a (nervous?) laugh. We're still friends! 😅