@CNN is collecting and sharing love stories, a project dreamed up and executed by my pal @masuma and her boss @ashleycodianni. I finally listened, and you should too.
  1. CNN wants to listen and wants you to listen.
    Media corporations tend to feel a bit soulless and sterile. This is not. This is unfiltered.
  2. "They met in a coffee shop in Stockholm."
    Already intrigued. This is a man telling a story about how he fell in love in Sweden.
  3. This is basically Love Actually — but real
    Actual romance > fictional romance. He was visiting friends from Christmas! A stranger in a strange land! And that might seem cliche if it weren't actually happening
  4. Audio is intimate and beautiful.
    His voice starts to catch a little. He speeds up as he speaks, and you can feel his excitement. And you can hear the anticipation in someone's cadence as they describe what is so clearly a life-changing series of events. It's hard not to feel connected to this stranger.
  5. The way someone describes something is more telling than the story they're telling.
    Even the most rehearsed stories, ones told over and over again, are told differently each time. I've listened to this clip 3 times now, and there's a moment where he gets so caught up in the story that he misspeaks or remembers a detail wrong. Because he's just feeling all his feelings.
  6. "I'm in love with you and you just needed to know."
    And then I melted. I melted. Because people REALLY TALK LIKE THIS, and it's beautiful even when you're a soulless heartless monster.