Show me one photo that defined your year.
  1. I broke the Internet
    That tweet that broke the Internet back in July? I wrote and sent it, my first month on the job at @nytimes. Weird year for me - moved to NYC, had to get used to the power of NYT, and spent a lot of time feeling off-balance or a little out of place. Much like this recipe. (See it all comes full circle.)
  2. Precipice
  3. All the feels
    I have so many photos of this wall saved in my camera roll. At my last job, I once put post its with feeling words and emoji on a wall for a politics snapchat project, one of my favorite things I've ever done. (Also snapchat political journalism became my thing, so this was the start of that). This has been a year of big, wonderful changes...and every time I take a leap, I think of this wall.
    Suggested by   @masuma
  4. This photo from my new desk at work: best friends photo, girlfriend card, dear friend note, avocado picture, memento from a favorite project. All the 💛
    Suggested by   @juliaccarpenter
  5. This year has been an auspicious one, full of travel and incredible challenges both professionally and personally. however, in March, throwing my husband a hilarious and big birthday party and being surrounded by our friends set this year off right. while it wasn't my big news of the year, or the biggest thing to happen in my life, it was important
    Suggested by   @boygirlparty
  6. I joined the List App and got some followers
    Now, every morning starts out more or less like this:
    Suggested by   @ChrisK
  7. this was the year where i gained clarity about unclear things, and found joy amidst my challenges. every single new (and maybe scary?) experience (leaving jobs, jumping into new ones/starting school again after a long break) was so rewarding and cool, and didn't include anything short of big cheeky smiles and pink chalk all around.
    Suggested by   @kennnajean
  8. A cliché but true...
    I became a mother of two, welcoming my second son in my own home, just as I had wanted it to happen. The pregnancy leading to that moment, and the labor itself, defined 2015 for me.
    Suggested by   @Veronique
  9. I got more acquainted with the outdoors this year
    Suggested by   @tomtieu
  10. Recorded my first album!
    Really proud of the all the different time signatures I was able to work in there. 13/16, anyone? It'll be coming out early next year!!
    Suggested by   @Jazz
  11. This picture was taken on a solo vacation. My year included travel (with friends, family, and alone), buying a house, turning 30, and working hard to grow in my career. (I also learned to embrace the selfie, because sometimes you are your own best photographer.) This picture seems to represent all of those things.
    Suggested by   @edhyndman
  12. I'm just glad to be able to see every sunrise.
    Suggested by   @GavMaLav
  13. This was a Disney year for my family! Ever trip and every moment was pure magic.
    Suggested by   @stephaniehail
  14. I got the most amazing teaching job at a school with a gorgeous outdoor classroom.
    Suggested by   @oyveykay
  15. 2015 = long-awaited road trips and choosing happiness and curiosity over complaint!
    Suggested by   @allievice
  16. I ran my 1st and 2nd half marathons this year.
    Not the only thing I did, but that had the best photo.
    Suggested by   @keikoichiye
  17. Spending time with my grown children, who make photos like this gem commonplace.
    Suggested by   @andersun
  18. Loss
    In October my father passed away after an 18 month long battle against liver cancer. My year has been defined by loss, but also by the love and support I've felt in the past couple of months.
    Suggested by   @jessicadodson
  19. I ran for mayor, and put everything into a great campaign. My family worked so hard, and voted for me! I lost, badly, but I'm proud of our effort and I made my daughters proud of me too.
    Suggested by   @MicheleThomas
  20. Love was legalized nationwide. I'd say that's pretty definitive.
    Suggested by   @ibrinker
  21. Getting my MA in Philanthropic Studies!
    Suggested by   @evak
  22. 2015 was lots of friends laughs and adventure. It was all about me and I've been the happiest ever.
    Suggested by   @rebeskt
  23. I'm standing outside the offices of my new literary agent, back in August.
    An enormous step forward in my pocket blushing dream - and also the start of a few very emotional months on all kinds of levels.
    Suggested by   @bookishclaire
  24. I (along with my friendly teddy bear) moved to New York in June. There have been plenty of rough patches, but achieving one of my life plans has been pretty fantastic. Also having a dog in Brooklyn isn't as difficult as people claim.
    Suggested by   @gwenllain
  25. Weddings
    ...but not my own. Dances, costumes, photo booths, registries, champagne & whisky. Travelled between Texas, Colorado, & Cape Cod for a record number (7) of weddings. Whether a best man or casual attendee, I spent more time, money & energy on weddings than any year prior.
    Suggested by   @themohawkmoon
  26. New life
    My cousin had her baby the same day I finally broke up with my ex for real. The joy of new life, the first of a new generation in my family! At the same time this sadness of finally letting go of a love that although so dear to me had become a toxic cycle. I was reminded of such beauty and when her life began, I kind of began a new one too.
    Suggested by   @fabi
  27. Tiny heart shaped leaf in the middle of a rainstorm. I had a pretty severe injury, a terrible breakup and a difficult move this year. But I'm starting to see the positive in the little things despite the storm.
    Suggested by   @pocketpenguin
  28. I'm leaving my marriage three days before the year ends
    2015 was a year on conflict. I conflicted with my self, with my spouse, my parents, and my friends. My hope for 2016, is to have less conflict in it. A certain little girl describes how this all went. Much like her problem of too many sesame seeds on a bun, life is not easy, and there are no straightforward answers.
    Suggested by   @teardropivy
  29. My whole year was defined by my children. This is both beautiful and difficult.
    Suggested by   @alilred
  30. After years of self-doubt and anxiety, I learned to like myself. And that I could let other people in while I was at it. Posting a selfie for this still seems shameless but it's the one I shared when I came to this realization.
    Suggested by   @SheStoodAkimbo
  31. I started eating a lot more seafood. The restaurant Chartreuse was the main reason for this. If you're in Norfolk, VA go there!
    Suggested by   @twaner
  32. My year was all about strengthening relationships
    I lost one of my oldest and best friends suddenly. This picture is actually from 10 years ago but this girl has defined my year. While it still hurts to know that she's gone I've since made an extra effort to keep in touch and be with the people I care about. I'm fortunate to have amazing friends and family across the country and I've never felt closer to them.
    Suggested by   @eas128
  33. Chilled with my dog and pestered my wife
    Suggested by   @Mtanzer
  34. My year was about trying to find time to spend by myself to reflect, breathe, notice the beauty around me and continue to find balance.
    Suggested by   @amaranthe805
  35. Ohio State in the fall. Fall is the season that perpetually ends up defining my year, in the midst of a city that I am slowly falling in love with, with a self I'm carefully beginning to accept. Also, realizing, though still trying hard to admit, that college isn't a waste of time.
    Suggested by   @smallthings
  36. I moved to Jordan and got my dream job!
    Overlooking Amman 😍
    Suggested by   @rebeccaroanoke