thoughts during Nice Family Dinner Conversation™

aka reasons why I always stay in my room
  1. I miss my bed
  2. That's problematic
  3. I fukign love macaroni and cheese
  4. No why would u vote for trump ur not my real mom get out
  5. God I wish I could have been adopted by a friendly gay Canadian couple
  6. ah yes a joke about trans people how fun :^)))) I crave death
  7. No idc if you were raised differently that's still racist, dad
  8. not mom too omg
  9. hoe don't do it
  10. *states opinion on social justice topic*
  11. oh my god
  12. Oh no what have I done
  13. is he serious
  14. Mistakes were made
  15. fuck this shit im out
    and then I return to The Yiff Zone I... I mean my room... I don't yiff ,,