Top nuggets of advice for recent MSW graduates

  1. Trust your process: other people might get jobs earlier etc. Making $ is nice, but you just got through grad school!!!! Good job, take a breather if you have the safety net for it. I was pressured by other people's process but make your own path in your own time in your own way.
  2. The bureaucracy sucks! The Licensing board always be changing their sheeit up, at least in CA, with new requirements. One thing at a time, but I'm still figuring it out, one day at a time
  3. Be curious and open about what population/type of setting is sustainable and interesting to you
  4. People change jobs all kinds, at least my cohort of people has, this first year and a half out of grad school
  5. Only 10% of people in the US have a masters. You special!
  6. Build an MSW community to check in about just regular life but also keep one another posted about professional development stuffs