everyone now a day are all about Netflix. come to think of it that's all we do is watch Netflix. sometimes we do our homework while watching, some of us are doing other things while watching Netflix 😉. but besides that i hope this list will do you justice if not ... my bad.
  1. pretty little liars
    pretty little liars is my favorite show, about trying to find who this mystery person is who possibly killed all these people, including their best friend.
  2. friends
    friends is another favorite of mine and you can literally watch, laugh, and cry through their journey together as friends.
  3. gossip girl
    gossip girl is about trying to figure out who this blog-writer-girl-or-boy who is named "gossip girl." who tries to make their life's a living hell.
  4. she's all that (movie)
    is one of my favorite movies that is hard to explain, but its basically about a boy who turns a freak into the "prom queen material."
  5. top gun (movie)
    this movie stars tom cruise trying to be the greatest fighter pilot, just like is father.
  6. 13 going on 30 (movie)
    this amazing movie is all about being 30, flirty, and thriving! (when you watch it you will know why i typed that)