The five stages of grief when moving away from your best friend.

My roommate ahem favorite person, are not living together next year and well it's very sad. So here are the five stages of grief for anyone in a similar situation.
  1. You try to avoid the topic at all cost because it is very sad. So you just act like it's not actually happening.
  2. You begin to do all of your favorite things around the house together such as watch movies and get take out and be funny humans.
  3. Then you realize that the school year is coming to a close but you're still avoiding the horrible thought of moving away.
  4. Then moving day comes and you realize you can't avoid the feels forever so you eat your feelings.
    And you get south depot together
  5. It's finally here. The terrible moment we've all been eating excuse me waiting for. We have to say goodbye. But it's okay because she's your best friend and you'll hang out and be completely obnoxious while spending your flex at the bookstore very soon.