The stages of me not studying for my last final.

It's safe to say that summer is just right around the corner. Literally I have one more final and then sophomore year is OVER. And this last final well, I just couldn't study anymore. So here is a comprehensive list of the stages of not studying.
  1. I started the day off at peace. I had the whole day to study.
  2. Then lunch time rolls around and a girl's gotta eat amirite?
  3. And then while I'm eating, why not watch SVU?
  4. For three hours
  5. Oh look at that it's dinner time, guess I'll eat again
  6. Oh crap it's 10 o'clock and I haven't started studying. Well I guess I'll study in the morning.
  7. Wake up all ready to study and what's that? The new episode of Underground is on Amazon? Well...
  8. And now it's an hour before me last final and I'm making a list so... ?
  9. Wish me luck!