1. Animal style
    Mustard cooked patty, pickle, extra spread and grilled onions. Good on burgers and fries.
  2. Protein style
    The more beautiful low carb option, lettuce replaces the bread and everything else remains the same.
  3. Well-done fries
    Super crispy fries.
  4. Flying dutchman
    Two patties and two slices of cheese. Looks weird but great for when you are trying to keep the carb count low.
  5. Neapolitan shake
    Chocolate vanilla and strawberry. Can also add malt if you're into that!
  6. Chopped chiles
    Get em raw or they can even grill them into the burger at some locations.
  7. Whole grilled onion
    Grilled onions usually come chopped.
  8. Root beer float
    Yes they can do this.
  9. Extra Toast
    They toast the bun. You want this.
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  10. Dog patty
    They'll make you a simple cooked beef patty with no sauce for your pups!
    Suggested by @kelly
  11. Cheese fries
    If Animal Style fries are too much, consider just getting cheese fries. Two slices of the burger American cheese placed over the fries and heated up to get all melty. I usually instruct them to make the fries well done too so they are extra crispy with the melty cheese.
    Suggested by @eatthelove