1. Go hard because "next year you'll be 25"
  2. Get consistently dominated in sports and games by children literally half my age
  3. Have the INEVITABLE late growth spurt
    This is when it happens right?
  4. Have more gym motivation once I realize my best years will soon be behind me...
  5. ...followed by less gym motivation once I realize my best years are already behind me
  6. Host my (only) uncle and aunt in the U.S. for the first time
    It's especially emotional because they haven't seen their father (my grandpa) in a decade and have been trying to get visas for the last 15 years to no avail.
  7. Not be a "recent grad" anymore
    I think the cutoff is about two years after graduating
  8. Vote
    I guess this is more for year 25 but somehow I feel an overwhelming sense of civic responsibility that was absent from 18-23. Maybe I shouldn't have admitted this.