A few Tokyo highlights for me. Traveling with someone who lives in Tokyo is so important!
  1. Kabukicho, karaoke bar called "K-something" in section 15
    Damn, I forgot the exact name. It's run by Rio who was a semi professional singer. Super friendly bartenders (all with serious pipes), won't rip you off on drinks especially as it's Kabukicho. Get them to sing karaoke!
  2. Torikizoku
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    A few of these all over Tokyo, but it's 280 yen for every single item on the menu from drinks to awesome yakitori and rice dishes. A must do.
  3. Tonkotsu in Akihabara
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    Again, don't know the English name, but it is along one side of the consulate general of Maldives building in Akihabara. The elderly couple running it is awesome -- family owned since 50 yrs ago during the Tokyo Olympics.
  4. Chiyoda Sushi in Tsukiji
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    Located 1 minute from Exit 1 in Tsukiji Station on the Hibiya Subway Line, not in the actual fish market. WAY cheaper and ridiculously fresh. They specialize in roasted sushi which are incredible. The flounder is only 80 yen per piece. Definitely recommend here over the more overpriced places near the market.