I'm a pretty cool customer. Not a lot bugs me but like any person I prone to anxiety and stress. The cause of almost all my stress these days is the president. It's forcing me to evaluate how I manage my stress and anxiety. Here are some ways I'm trying to deal with it.
  1. Turned off notifications
    I have the USA Today and Tennessean (my local paper in Nashville) apps on my phone. I turned off the notifications so that I'm not barraged with constant updates about all the stressful news.
  2. Deleted Facebook off my phone and iPad
    I originally moved it to a folder but then deleted it all together. For a site everyone belongs to I've never heard someone say they love Facebook. I only really use it for a wrestling group I'm in but it's still easy to get down a rabbit hole of stress inducing content.
  3. Moved Twitter to a folder
    Honestly will probably end up deleting this one too. Drew Magary wrote a couple weeks ago that Twitter should die. I agree.
  4. Started exercising
    My family signed up for the Y. I'm trying to exercise more and when I do I feel better.
  5. Talking
    I know text or call my wife when I feel anxious. Saying what's bothering me really helps. I've also started talking to my coworkers too. When I'm open about my anxieties I feel better.
  6. Less TV
    Aside from wrestling and my current Seinfeld binge, the tv stays off.
  7. More podcasts
    I enjoy them. I'm selective about the episodes I'll listen to that could be a trigger to me. But my old favorites like We Watch Wrestling and Judge John Hodgman really help distract and destress me.
  8. Reading way more
    I'm trying to see how many books I can read in 2017.
  9. Baseball
    This year I'm following the Boston Red Sox closer than I have since probably high school and their first World Series (in 86 years). I signed up for the Boston Globe for two reasons: to support independent journalism and follow the Sox. Mostly the second one though.
  10. Playing more video games
    This falls into the category of consuming media that isn't a trigger and that I enjoy.
  11. Eating better
    Eating crap makes you feel like crap. Feel like crap makes me more likely to be anxious.
  12. Enjoying the little things
    I have an infant baby. A new house with lots of little projects. Two great dogs. A good job with good people. I'm trying to really be mindful of those things and making sure I make the most of them.
  13. Journaling
    I haven't started this yet but I think like talking it will help. But I'm an idiot and I need to find the "perfect" app.
  14. Sleeping more or enough
    I'm not trying to sleep through the bad news. I find I get anxious towards the end of the day when I'm tired. Need to make sure I'm getting enough good sleep.
  15. I hope this helps
    I hope anyone who finds this list can find something that helps. If you have something that's worked for you please let me know.