1. Is there any way I can tell where I am, or what direction I am traveling in? No. No there is not.
  2. I shouldn't have spit on that trucker.
  3. I'm not the type of person who finds his way out of situations like this.
  4. You know what's kind of cool? Even though I'm hurtling through space, if I tossed this tennis ball up it would basically land right back in my hand. Because of, like, constant velocity or something.
  5. I mean, either way this is a pretty life-changing experience.
  6. I can't believe my high school yearbook predicted this.
  7. If only I hadn't listened to my mother.
  8. I wonder if I've ever driven past a tractor trailer with someone trapped inside. Hmm. It's impossible to know. Maybe this is a thing.